**The system described below is an old system which the game doesn't use anymore, I'm keeping it as a reference only. You can die infinite times without penalty now. Characters get locked if you are a part of a RP challenge to the death and you lose the challenge** ~ Levi

In the world of JutsuOnline, it is possible for your character to permanently die. Each character has a hidden value named "Longevity". Each time your character dies, you lose an undisclosed amount of longevity. Once this value reaches zero, your character will enter the spirit realm and will be unable to interact with the living realm.

When you are defeated in combat your character is frozen, becomes invulnerable and falls to his knees for 30 seconds. In this time, players are given the opportunity to roleplay and the attacker can decide to either spare your life or leave you to die. If they spare your life, you will be returned to 1% health and made vulnerable again. At this point you should continue to roleplay in an injured state. You will be able to heal your wounds back at the hospital at your respective village. If your life is spared, no longevity is lost.

On the other hand, if your opponent leaves you to die, you will respawn back in your village's hospital and longevity will be lost.

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